Project Koru: Kiteboard 4 Cancer

In 2014, the CauseMic Crew joined the Project Koru (formerly known as Athletes 4 Cancer) family, bringing knowledge of cause marketing and peer-to-peer fundraising that has helped the organization raise nearly half a million dollars for their outdoor adventure camps for young cancer survivors. Within the first three months of work, CauseMic increased online fundraising for Kiteboard 4 Cancer by 31% and social media reach by 510%. In 2016, CauseMic increased Kiteboard 4 Cancer’s revenue by 55.9%, which was featured in a Classy case study. In addition to ongoing fundraising efforts, CauseMic has personalized engagement at Project Koru by implementing Salesforce and managing email marketing, digital media and video production for the growing nonprofit. 

The CauseMic Impact
33 survivors left on #NoWaitlist