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Do These Questions Keep You Up at Night?

  • How do we reach each supporter on their preferred platform, with their preferred message, at their preferred time?
  • How can we remove the silos built up between marketing and development to help us reach our full potential?

  • How can we establish and standardize the key performance metrics across our organization to make us more data-driven and effective?

  • Which technology platform is right for our organization that will enable our growth today and in the next 5 - 10 years?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you're in the right place. 

  • We've built and led high-performance teams in fast-growing nonprofits. 

  • We’ve designed proven systems to attract, convert, and retain supporters in a resource-constrained environment. 

  • We’ve configured technology systems that scale highly personalized engagement, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.
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CauseMic has helped executives like you define a bold desired end state and achieve it. 

We’re less than enthused about being referred to as an “agency.” That’s because we actually operate as your deputies and thought partners, ready to help you build a high-performance team that leverages best-in-class technology and our proven system to rapidly scale your revenue and impact. 

For more than a decade, we sat at your desk in your shoes. We built brands, redefined development operations, and served as frontline fundraisers. 

After successfully scaling a nonprofit’s revenue from $250K to $40M from within, we launched our digital agency to empower nonprofits like yours to attract, convert, and retain supporters.

We do this by focusing on three key areas of your business: 

  1. Reach your bold, desired end state by shifting the mindset from incremental YoY growth to continually thinking about transformative expansion. 

  2. Allow your team to achieve more with less time and money by defining and pursuing high-impact, low-cost initiatives. 

  3. Solve complex challenges more quickly by conducting process-driven design sprints.  

While the landscape of digital marketing and fundraising continues to evolve by the day, the core principles to increasing the lifetime value of your supporters comes down to people, process, and technology. Let's hop on a call and start defining your rapid growth plan. Book your Scale Session today. 

CauseMic's Cultural Principles

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The CauseMic Crew

Matt Scott

Cofounder & CEO

Bobbi Snethen

Vice President

Pauline Lewis

Cofounder &
Senior Market Researcher

Jenna Scott

Cofounder &
Director of Operations

Shauna Weaver

Account Strategist

Hailey Carter

Project Manager

Kelsey Ingram

Technology Specialist

Franny Lown

Marketing Associate

Katya Manges

Digital Advertising Specialist

Abby Diskin

Senior Copywriter

Adam Handermann

Digital Designer

Jennifer Rana

Front End Developer

Noelle Smith

Project Manager


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