We're Your Tiger Team 

Translation: We're a group of skilled, fun-loving specialists, deployed to solve your highest-priority problems.

We're Your Nonprofit Tiger Team

Translation: We're a highly skilled group of experts, deployed to solve your highest-priority problems.
Hi, we're CauseMic.

Founded in 2013, we're a growth consultancy made up of whip-smart, strategic thinkers with complementary superpowers to help your nonprofit or social impact company grow sustainably.

Our cross-functional areas of expertise in marketing, fundraising, and technology make our agile, tight-knit crew extremely effective at solving your problems and filling in the gaps alongside your team. 

Custom Solutions, Rooted in Expertise

“What’s really unique about CauseMic is that they don’t have a one-size fits all approach. They really roll up their sleeves and get under the hood to understand all of the nuances of an organization.

They understand the players, get to know your mission, the internal constraints with regards your budget, people, or board of directors, and then they think strategically about what the right-size solutions are for your organization.”

Jake Wood
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Team Rubicon

Shaping What’s Next in Philanthropy

Nonprofit speaker series
Matt Scott speaking to an audience

Our CEO, Matt Scott, is a seasoned industry nerd and author with loads of innovative ideas and insights he shares with audiences at events like Dreamforce, Classy Collaborative, Twilio’s Signal and more. He’s a compelling speaker offering nonprofit professionals compelling ideas and tangible concepts they can apply. If you're interested, please reach out for more info. 

Our Values

The way we work is shaped by five core values.
  • The CauseMic team in a meeting
  • Andrew speaking with a colleague
  • The CauseMic team in a meeting
  • The CauseMic team in a meeting
  • Matt and Brack high-fiving
  • The CauseMic team posing for a photo

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Each and every day, our clients roll up their sleeves and get to work solving big challenges that face us all. While these folks are heroes and are making an undeniable impact, it’s important to remember we all have a role to play in making the world better.

At CauseMic, we want to live in a more just and equitable society, and are committed to playing our part in its transformation. After all, it’s part of our foundation and current state – our team is made up of individuals from different ethnicities, genders, sexualities, religious beliefs, nationalities, physical abilities, and more.

We are made better by diverse perspectives which is why we need folks around us with diverse experiences. We also believe that success is not final, and continue to seek ways to invest in ourselves and our clients to build a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive world. To do so certainly leads to better creativity and innovation, but importantly, it leads to folks living more fulfilled lives.

Meet the Crew

Abby Caschetta

Abby Caschetta - she/her

Growth Consultant

I’ve spent the majority of my career working in the nonprofit industry to enhance fundraising results. I’m eager to support you in your continued success as you grow your nonprofit and expand your mission. Outside of work, you’ll find me outdoors at the nearest beach, on a trail, or gardening at home in San Diego.

Daring pursuit: I once petted a cheetah.

Abby Diskin

Abby Diskin - she/her

Senior Copywriter

As your dedicated storyteller and copywriter, I bring a decade-plus of direct appeal campaign experience to convert your audience into loyal donors or customers.

Favorite part of the gig: Telling compelling stories that make a positive impact.

Abigail Kosowski

Abigail Kosowski - she/her

Technology Specialist

I am passionate about helping you leverage Salesforce to better connect with your donors, volunteers, and partners as you grow. With a healthy addiction to learning and a degree in chemical engineering, I’m wired to find solutions.

International Navigator: I’ve leveraged the mass transportation system in 6 countries and 5 languages and survived to author this brief bio.

Ahmed Masood

Ahmed Masood - he/him

Technology Specialist

Allow me to ensure Salesforce works for you. I’m a systems thinker with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Marketing, and I grasp the unique needs of nonprofits. I aim to empower you and your team to effectively manage fundraising, donor relations, program tracking, and more.

Culinary entrepreneur: I ran my own restaurant for 6 years in Arlington, TX. 

Alia Burley

Alia Burley - she/her

Vice President

I bring over 20 years of experience delivering digital programs of work for large global brands. I love effective processes and establishing systems that empower teams to deliver impactful work.

Be more dog: I believe the world would be better if it was run by dogs! I became a qualified dog obedience trainer to help keep dogs out of shelters and in their forever homes.

Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen - he/him

Growth Consultant

With over a decade’s worth of nonprofit experience, I bring a steady approach to your growth and communications strategy. Together, we’ll help your donors feel seen and known as you widen your impact.  

Make good choices: If I have a choice in hot sauce, it’s always Tapatío over Cholula. Zero hesitation.

Bobbi Snethen

Bobbi Snethen - she/her


With 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, I help social impact-minded leaders like yourself develop and operationalize their marketing and communications strategies to rapidly scale revenue.

Claim to fame: I’ve eaten a meal in the same room as Amy Pohler, Pink, Jane Hamilton, Shia LaBeouf, and Tyra Banks. None of them asked for my autograph.

Brack Hassell

Brack Hassell - he/him

Executive Assistant

I help our team run like a well-oiled machine and keep everyone on their toes with my immaculate sock collection. I do a little bit of this, that, and everything in between.

Words to live by: "If you stay ready, you ain't got to GET ready!" -RuPaul

Brian August

Brian August - he/him

Chief Growth Officer

I am a seasoned nonprofit leader with deep experience in operations, program development and management, fundraising and finance. As CauseMic's Chief Growth Officer, I provide strategic leadership and ensure exceptional delivery of consulting services to our nonprofit partners.

Favorite karaoke song: Paula Abdul - Straight Up

Chris Frees

Chris Frees - he/him

Digital Designer

I love supporting clients with high-quality visual design, and I care deeply for mission-driven organizations. In particular, I’m passionate about the environment and enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

Weird quirk: I spend hours every week exploring Google Maps.

Craig Seligman

Craig Seligman - he/him


I bring decades of experience from my previous roles as a senior copywriter and co-founder at an ad agency to reach more nonprofits with CauseMic’s services.

Favorite karaoke venue: inside my car driving on the open road.

Elizabeth Carena

Elizabeth Carena - she/her

Salesforce Specialist

Hailing from a background in both nonprofit development and immersive experience design, I’m focused on your Salesforce org: designing intuitive solutions, building automation, training users, and above all, delivering a system that helps your organization meet its goals.

Influencer status: My cat has almost 4,000 Instagram followers... and most of them are other cats. 

Eric Serrano

Eric Serrano - he/him

Marketing Manager

I strive to introduce my CauseMic teammates to as many mission-driven organizations as possible. A computer science engineer turned seasoned marketing strategist, I partner with our consultants to understand your challenges and communicate how our team can help you accelerate your growth.  

Pack Leader: My husband and I are the proud owners of five dogs and an excessive number of plushies. 

Evelynn Ulsh

Evelynn Ulsh - she/they

Creative Technology Specialist

Designer, developer, and general dilettante—if you need it to be on a computer and/or look good, I've got your back.

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we learn from them: I've played saxophone in a ska band. More than once.

Fernando Balcazar

Fernando Balcazar - he/him

Paid Media Specialist

If you’re looking to acquire new supporters and drive results through paid media channels, I’m your guide and implementer. I’ve partnered with clients across the world with a variety of needs and budgets, and my primary goal is to help you reach yours.  

When I’m not optimizing campaigns: I am probably buried in a J.R.R. Tolkien novel or looking for someone to listen to my lecture on the history of Middle-earth. Any takers? 

Franny Lown

Franny Lown - she/her

Project Manager

I’m the glue. Translation: I’m your dedicated marketing project manager who ensures your marketing campaigns ⁠— everything from paid media to website redesigns — run smoothly and cohesively.

True confession: I may be mildly lactose intolerant, but pizza is a lifestyle choice.

Hailey Carter

Hailey Carter - she/her

Operations Specialist

With an extensive background in nonprofit development operations, I'm dedicated to making sure your needs are met as we move from your Scale Session to your Rapid Growth Plan. In the background, I work to make sure your needs are met without exceeding your budget.  

Sharks as pets? I named my dog Finley so I could call her "Fin" — I love sharks! 

Jenna Scott

Jenna Scott - she/her

Co-Founder, Director of Operations

I should have more arms for keeping all the balls in the air, but amazingly, I only have two, which it turns out is enough to manage accounting, HR, and operations to ensure you get the best of everything our team has to offer.

After-work hobby: I volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Karla Vidal

Karla Vidal - she/her

Project Manager

As your dedicated project manager, I have a knack for anticipating potential problems and finding creative solutions to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.  

Red or green salsa? I am a proud Chilanga, born and raised in Mexico City, and red is the only answer to this question. 

Katya Manges

Katya Manges - they/them

Marketing Specialist

I'm the bridge between Marketing and Tech here at CauseMic. I'll cut through industry jargon and ensure your team is able to optimize for your goals within your tech stack.

Step aside, Michelin Guide: Need to know where to eat or drink in Portland? I've got your back.

Kelsey Ingram

Kelsey Ingram - she/her

Growth Consultant

Just call me your “technology wizard.” From Salesforce and beyond, I manage end-to-end CRM migrations, ESP implementations, integrations of all sorts and for all manner of systems, all the way up to full-scale digital transformation for organizations like yours.

Formerly known as: My nickname in college was Ruthless and Toothless.

Linda Miewes

Linda Miewes - she/her

Head of Digital Transformation

I lead our team of consultants and specialists who implement technology solutions and processes that will enable your organization to quickly and effectively grow. I’ve been entrenched in several roles within the nonprofit sector - from finance to support operations to reporting - and I can partner with you to smoothly carry out organizational change.  

Footloose: When I’m not ballroom dancing, you’ll find this Oregonian in the great outdoors, ideally with my grandson.

Matt Scott

Matt Scott - he/him

Co-Founder, CEO

I’m a builder and doer with a track record of helping nonprofit leaders quickly grow revenue past the $10M mark.

My most productive hour: 5 AM

Nate Higuera

Nate Higuera - he/him

Growth Consultant

I specialize in accelerating your growth through targeted fundraising and technology solutions. I’ve spent my entire career in the nonprofit sector, and I understand the challenges you face: a never-ending list of needs and limited time. That's where we step in.

Resolute stance: Harry Potter owes everything to Hermoine Granger.

Paddy O'Neill

Paddy O'Neill - he/him


I take the axe to corporate-y buzzwords and brand ego because people deserve simple conversation that gets to the point and puts them first. I’ve snapped a lot of pencil tips helping causes reach for the stars. But my favorite challenge is developing the voice for a mission that people can relate to, feel excited to support, and are ready to follow wherever it goes.

Blooper reel: One night while on an unexpectedly bumpy flight, I stumbled and rolled out the open door at the tail end of the plane. I had a parachute, but bouncing my way out and getting my legs tangled in the risers wasn’t part of the plan. My platoon found it hilarious.

Pauline Lewis

Pauline Lewis - she/her

Co-Founder, Senior Market Researcher

Pulling from two decades of leading market research projects for Fortune 100 companies, I help nonprofits identify what motivates their donors to give.

How I refuel: When not nerding out, you can catch me slurping noodles from my favorite Portland food cart or Singaporian hawker stall.

Viola Gonzalez

Viola Gonzalez - she/her

Technology Specialist

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, I am your friendly Salesforce implementer. One of my strengths is my ability to find the most efficient and productive path forward as your Tech Specialist, so you can get back to what you do best: growing your nonprofit. In my free time, I enjoy adventurous activities but not nearly as much as I love a good night’s sleep.

Hidden talent: I once slept for 26 hours straight.

Want to get involved?

We're always on the lookout for talented and passionate people who can help us take things to the next level. Check out our Careers page to see what opportunities are available, and to learn more about what it's like to be a part of the CauseMic team.