Capacity Building for Community Support

Capacity Building for Community Support


Increase in Annual Revenue

When their service requests increased dramatically following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley reached out to CauseMic to quickly implement software that would enable them to meet the increased demand by improving process efficiency. We paired this with a fundraising campaign that more than doubled their revenue to subsidize additional resources.

At a Glance

The Community Resource Center of Teton Valley (CRCTV) is a small, regionally-focused nonprofit providing critical resources and case management to community members facing crises. At the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for their services spiked by 400% compared to the year prior. They needed to expand their supporter base and quickly raise critical funds to meet the urgent needs of their neighbors.

CauseMic partnered with CRCTV to integrate a nonprofit CRM system with SalesForce FormAssembly, their fundraising platform, and email system to optimize their intake process and increase their capacity to manage a 400% increase in cases. We then launched a lead acquisition campaign, engaged their supporters with personalized, relevant content, and deployed a segmented, multi-channel year-end fundraising campaign, resulting in a 235% increase in annual revenue.



Salesforce CRM and FormAssembly

Year-end fundraising

Online fundraising

Platform integration

Process automation

Nonprofit lead generation

Donor cultivation

Donor journeys

Cause marketing

Multi-channel marketing

Conversion design and A/B testing

Donation page optimization

Paid ad management

Email marketing


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The Challenge

Prior to the arrival of COVID-19 in 2020, CRCTV conducted their case management services in person, filling out applications manually and conducting interviews face-to-face. Then the pandemic hit and widespread job loss and housing insecurity led to a 400% increase in requests for support in a matter of weeks — more than five times the number of individuals who requested assistance in 2019.

This reality brought about a need to implement and integrate nonprofit technology to be able to quickly scale to meet the evolving needs of their community. They also needed to attract and convert more donors to urgently raise funds to grow their capacity. Last but not least, to keep up with the demand for their services, they needed a way to standardize the intake process and ditch their paper applications.


The Solution

CauseMic conducted the following steps to help CRCTV’s full-time team of two meet the growing demand for their services: 

  • Transitioned in-person application process online through a simplified and integrated Salesforce and FormAssembly solution.
  • Conducted and implemented a robust, multi-channel brand awareness and fundraising campaign for year-end.
  • Integrated CRCTV’s fundraising platform, CRM, and email service provider to save time and allow for proper segmentation and donor cultivation and stewardship.

We then deployed a lead acquisition campaign to expand their supporter base and convert new leads into donors. The focus of this campaign was to improve the organization’s overall process and acquisition strategy, while leveraging smart technology and key performance metrics to evaluate progress. 

Last but not least, CauseMic partnered with CRCTV to craft inspiring, urgent messaging to send to prospective donors across six different channels. Sharing cohesive messaging and stories of impact across web pages, paid social media, radio, and direct mail created a sense of surround sound to increase conversions. We also included timely matching challenges to incentivize giving. 

The Results

Our efforts led to a 235% increase in annual revenue for CRCTV. The FormAssembly solution we implemented and the email, fundraising platform, and nonprofit CRM solution we integrated empowered the program team of two to meet the rapidly growing demand for their services and gain significant process efficiencies. Thanks to their newly digitized forms, we were also able to translate them into both Spanish and English to expand CRCTV’s reach to even more people in need.


Increase in annual revenue


Increase in average gift amount

“When our client load increased by 400% seemingly overnight, we consulted with CauseMic to find a solution. In just four days, their team launched a fully automated system to streamline our application process, enabling us to better manage the increased client load. We could not be more pleased with the communications throughout the process, their overall professionalism, and of course, the results.”

Betsy Hawkins
Executive Director, Community Resource Center of Teton Valley