When Nonprofit Storytelling and Technology Intersect

Localized, multi-channel marketing leads to a 235% increase in annual revenue for the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley, while CRM implementation empowers the program team to meet rapidly growing demand.

01 At a Glance

An emerging nonprofit organization was looking to expand their supporter base and raise critical funds during the pandemic. CauseMic worked with the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley to launch a lead acquisition campaign, engage supporters with personalized, relevant content, and deploy a year-end fundraising campaign, resulting in a 235% increase in annual revenue. 


What We Did

Project Management

Cause Marketing

Nonprofit Lead Generation

Donor Cultivation

Year-End Fundraising


02 About The Client

The Community Resource Center of Teton Valley is a small, regionally-focused nonprofit providing critical resources to those facing crises. Their support often comes in the form of housing assistance, healthcare access, food security, employment assistance, and case management services. Regardless of age or situation, CRCTV works to thoroughly assess and address the needs of every single individual that applies for support. 

03 The Challenges

Prior to the arrival of coronavirus in 2020, CRCTV conducted their case management services in person, filling out applications manually and conducting interviews face-to-face. Widespread job loss and housing insecurity as a result of the pandemic led to a 400 percent increase in requests for support in a matter of weeks - more than five times the number of individuals who requested assistance in 2019.

This reality brought about a need to improve their internal process and implement a CRM to meet the evolving needs of their community and expand their supporter base through brand awareness and lead acquisition to fund the mission. The lean nonprofit was looking to address the following questions:

  • How can we standardize and systematize the way we collect and process the growing number of requests for our support? 
  • How can we reach new supporters in our community to inform them of the urgent needs our neighbors are faced with? 
  • With a modest budget and limited time and capacity, how can we execute upon our plan?
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04 The Solutions

CRCTV partnered with CauseMic, who consulted and executed upon the following projects to help their full-time team of two meet the growing demand for their services: 

  • Transition in-person application process online through a simplified and integrated Salesforce and Form Assembly solution
  • Conduct and implement a robust, multi-channel brand awareness and fundraising campaign for year-end
  • Integrate CRCTV's fundraising platform, CRM, and email service provider to save time and allow for proper segmentation and donor cultivation and stewardship

CauseMic deployed a lead acquisition campaign on behalf of CRCTV in order to expand their supporter base and convert new leads into donors. The focus of this campaign was to improve the organization’s overall process and acquisition strategy, while leveraging smart technology tools and key performance metrics to evaluate progress. 

CauseMic partnered with CRCTV to craft personalized and compelling messaging across the following channels to connect with the organization’s growing base of supporters: 

  • Email
  • Website
  • Paid social
  • Direct mail
  • Local newspaper
  • Radio 

The primary goals for CRCTV's email marketing strategy revolved around communicating stories of impact and interspersing more personalized communications to increase email deliverability. CauseMic accomplished this through real emails from real humans, reducing the number of mass email blasts from the organization at large and highlighting how the audience made their work possible.

This also included timely matching challenge call-outs to incentivize giving, and communicating upcoming programming for 2021. Implementing a complementary message across their website, paid social, radio and direct mail created a sense of surround sound to increase conversions.

05 The Results

Below are some of the KPIs CauseMic measured throughout 2020 and compared to the year prior, recognizing 2020 was anything but “normal.” 


Visitors to


New Visitors


Page Views


Average Time On Page


Visitors to


Active Email Subscriptions


Number of Transactions


Average Gift Amount


In Annual Revenue

When our client load increased by 400% seemingly overnight, we consulted with CauseMic to find a solution. In just four days, their team launched a fully automated system to streamline our application process, enabling us to better manage the increased client load. We could not be more pleased with the communications throughout the process, their overall professionalism, and of course, the results.

Betsy Hawkins
Executive Director, Community Resource Center of Teton Valley

What steps can you take to grow revenue to meet the programmatic needs of those we serve? 

How do I select, implement, and configure a technology stack that will enable growth across the organization? 

We’re here to serve nonprofit leaders just like you trying to answer these questions. Book a complementary Scale Session with CauseMic today and we will help you strategize how you can join CRCTV in exponentially growing your revenue and impact.