Year-End Fundraising Campaign Results in a 52% Conversion Rate for DigDeep

01 At a Glance

With 30 percent of all annual giving occurring in the month of December, nonprofits are well versed in investing their resources into a substantial fundraising effort for the final weeks of the year.

For DigDeep, their team had already built a groundswell of support since 2013 through beautiful, compelling storytelling, and the organization was seeking the capacity and direction to begin segmenting their communications and optimizing the performance of their multi-channel, year-end fundraising campaign. The organization enlisted CauseMic’s help to surpass their revenue and engagement goals.

What We Did

Project Management

Multi-Channel Approach

Year-End Fundraising

Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

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02 About The Client

Founded in 2013, DigDeep is a human rights nonprofit working to ensure that every American has clean, running water forever. DigDeep is the only WaSH (water, sanitation and hygiene) organization serving the United States, and their team is committed to bringing running water into the homes of the 2.2 million Americans currently living without it.

03 The Challenge

Like many nonprofit organizations, DigDeep was faced with a capacity challenge heading into the final quarter of the calendar year. They had clear fundraising goals and a strategy in place, enlisted the support of trusted subject matter experts, and they required a unifying force to execute and optimize their intentions for the campaign. Furthermore, DigDeep was seeking answers to the following questions:
  • Which marketing channels are converting at the highest rate? 
  • What can we do to ensure our emails are reaching our intended audience? 
  • How can we optimize our existing landing pages? 
  • What’s the optimal cadence for communicating with existing supporters?

04 The Solution

Research indicates that a multi-channel donor is three times more valuable than a donor who receives communication through just one channel. CauseMic partnered with DigDeep to deploy personalized, compelling messaging across the following channels to connect with the organization’s growing base of advocates:

  1. Email
  2. Text messaging
  3. Paid social
  4. Direct mail 
  5. Squarespace CMS featuring Funraise as the donation platform 

CauseMic’s goal was to alleviate DigDeep’s capacity constraints, maximize their fundraising potential through optimization and audience segmentation, and provide detailed, timely reporting that provided a clear view of each effort’s impact on revenue.

05 The Results

Below are some of the KPIs CauseMic measured throughout DigDeep's campaign and compared to the year prior. 



Raised from Individual Donors


 YoY increase in revenue on Giving Tuesday


YoY increase in revenue on Dec. 31

What steps can you take to grow revenue to meet the programmatic needs of those we serve? 

How do I select, implement, and configure a technology stack that will enable growth across the organization? 

We’re here to serve nonprofit leaders just like you trying to answer these questions. Book a complementary Scale Session with CauseMic today and we will help you strategize how you can join DigDeep Water in exponentially growing your revenue and impact.