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Salesforce and FormAssembly Integration to Meet Greater Demand

Community Resource Center of Teton Valley

Improving lives by connecting those in need with a network of resources

The Challenge

The Community Resource Center of Teton Valley (CRCTV) is a small, regionally-focused nonprofit in Idaho that provides critical resources and case management to community members facing crises.

Their many vital services include assistance with housing, utilities, funding for basic needs like medications, food sources, healthcare, and employment assistance.

Prior to the 2020 Pandemic, CRCTV conducted their case management services in person, filling out applications manually and conducting interviews face-to-face.

However, the pandemic created unprecedented, widespread job loss and housing insecurity.

In just weeks, they encountered more than five times the number of individuals who had asked for assistance in the prior year.

This spike in requests for help overwhelmed their typical processes, requiring a dramatic change in procedure. 

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Our Solution

In addition to enabling a successful fundraising launch, our technology implementation addressed CRCTV’s most pressing concerns by:

  • Using a four-day design sprint to quickly implement Salesforce as a nonprofit CRM
  • Transition in-person applications to an online process via a simplified and integrated Salesforce and FormAssembly solution
  • Leveraging smart technology and key performance metrics to evaluate progress
  • Integrated CRCTV’s fundraising platform, CRM, and email service provider to save time

The Results

Our FormAssembly + Salesforce integration empowered CRCTV’s two-person program team to meet the growing demand for services and gain process efficiencies.

This helped optimize their intake process, scale their capacity to manage a rapidly expanding caseload, and save time.

We were also able to translate their now-digitized forms into both Spanish and English, expanding CRCTV’s reach to even more people in need.

The Client Review

In just four days, their team launched a fully automated system to streamline our application process, enabling us to better manage the 500% increased client load.

We could not be more pleased with the communications throughout the process, their overall professionalism, and of course, the results.

Betsy HawkinsFormer Executive Director

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