2022’s Best Donation Pages for Nonprofits

Learn how to build a high-converting donation page in time for your year-end fundraiser.

The best donation page gives donors less (to do) and your nonprofit more.

We analyzed the donation pages of 204 nonprofits against 16 benchmarks of a conversion-optimized experience—including the ideal number of clicks and zero donor distractions.

In doing so, we uncovered trends and developed recommendations to help your nonprofit give donors the best possible experience and every reason to make a donation.

Our study found that 72% of donation pages asked for too much information.

Eliminating distractions is among the best ways to improve a donor’s experience at the finish line. For instance, more than one call to action (CTA) on your page is a distraction. Why give donors more to think about besides how their gift makes an impact when they hit submit?

This report is loaded with examples of organizations that are nailing it with a singular, clear CTA, an absent navigation bar—as it should be—and more.

Value proposition

Learn how to give donors an immediate reason for why they should donate to your mission.

Smooth experience

Learn how to cut distractions and needless data collection for a quicker donation.

Trusted credibility

Learn how to showcase your nonprofit’s credibility and alleviate a donor’s security concerns.

Download our report and check if your donation page is as
donor-friendly as it needs to be to fund your cause.