2022 Donor Lifecycle Report

Maximize engagement with your donors for a successful year-end campaign!

People are naturally wired for relationships.

We all seek to be known and understood by the folks around us – and the same is true for your donors! CauseMic looked at 204 organizations before, during, and after their year-end fundraising to discover the secret to a successful year-end campaign. The answer? Leveraging the Donor Lifecycle to build strong, ongoing relationships. Find out the best ways to optimize your communication in this new report!

What's the Donor Lifecycle?

The moment someone is introduced to your organization, they enter the Donor Lifecycle – that is, the time before, during, and after they make a gift to your organization. You have the opportunity to guide them through to become an ongoing supporter with continuous care and engagement.

Our team signed up to receive emails from 204 nonprofit organizations and then evaluated subscriber communications over nine months. We observed all three parts of the Donor Lifecycle:


Connecting with your donors to build trust and credibility before you ask them to take an action.


Making the hard ask for your donors to financially contribute to your organization.


Maintaining relationship through gratitude and ongoing care.

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