2022 Email Impact
Guide for Nonprofits

Send better emails and inspire more donations –
whether you’re a robust team of one or collaborate with a crew.

At CauseMic, we believe the future belongs to the curious.

That’s why we signed up to receive emails from 204 nonprofit organizations to see how they’re communicating with their donor base from subscription confirmation to year-end fundraising. Find out what we learned and the strategies we recommend to make a bolder impact for your cause. Email deliverability, length, tone and cadence best practices: all this and more for free at your fingertips!

Email isn’t dead.

When your organization optimizes your emails to provide value, convey impact, and optimize delivery, you create opportunity for big growth in both supporters and revenue.

Our team signed up to receive emails from 204 nonprofit organizations and then evaluated subscriber communications during the year-end fundraising push. We set out to evaluate the following:

Email subscription process

How easy or difficult was it to even sign up?

Email deliverability

Where do emails go when delivered – our inbox? Spam? A different folder?

Email frequency and content

How often do organizations send emails, and what do they talk about?

Get Answers

Don’t miss out on our free email engagement assessment, giving you answers to:
  •   How many nonprofit organizations send regular newsletters?
  •   How easy is it to join an email list? Did we have to go hunting?
  •   How many clicks did it take to sign up?
  •   Does the user experience correlate with the size of organization?
  •   How long are the emails? Are they engaging? Do they provide value?
  •   Where did the emails land within our inbox? Why does this matter?
  •   How are the emails formatted (plain text vs. designed)? Did this make a difference?
  •   Who did the emails come from? Organization vs. person?
  •   What was the goal of the email – to get a donation? Build relationship?
  •   What approach did the message take? Did it build empathy for the cause? Did it make the reader a key part of the solution?

Want in on our secrets to optimizing your email strategy?