The High Growth Nonprofit

The No-BS Book for the Nonprofit Boss’ Back Pocket

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This inaugural book by nonprofit rapid-growth pro and CauseMic Co-founder and CEO Matt Scott wastes no time, so you can learn how to quickly grow your nonprofit and get back to doing just that. 

It’s full of lessons learned from more than a decade spent helping nonprofit leaders fully fund their missions, including numerous stints inside the walls of high-growth nonprofits, such as Team Rubicon.

The High Growth Nonprofit Book



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Available April 2023

Leaders can expect to learn how to:


Adopt a growth mindset, establish your mission’s North Star, and bring your vision to life for a great cause.


Cultivate a culture where your mission’s greatest asset—its people—can thrive in a fast, high-growth environment.


Unlock more efficiency and clarity with concrete processes at every step.


Leverage the right technology at the right time to match your mission’s phase of growth.


About the author

Besides being an early riser, Matt Scott is the CEO and Co-founder of CauseMic, a Portland-based consultancy helping nonprofits leverage the best-in-class for-profit methods to grow their organization. Before CauseMic, he was in your shoes as a fundraising leader on the inside of numerous young and fast nonprofits—one of which he helped take from $275,000 to $51 million in annual revenue in seven years. He’s a builder and a doer with a vision for scaling his company while balancing profitability with employee profit-sharing and respect.   

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About CauseMic

CauseMic is a nonprofit growth consultancy and one of Oregon’s own, helping organizations quickly double their revenue and impact. 

We’ve worked with global organizations as well as great missions from around the corner. In partnership with Give!Guide, we built a gift-generating training program offered at no cost to nonprofits that’s led to millions of dollars in donations for local causes.

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