User channels and digital touchpoints, linked together cohesively.

Hubspot for nonprofits

Marketing technology that multiplies your impact.

We partner with HubSpot to bring powerful marketing tools to nonprofits and social impact orgs like yours.

Everything you need to drive multi-channel activation—in one place.

Personalized, multi-channel journeys that speak to donors and customers directly are the fuel that drive conversion rates.

We lead you through centralizing your marketing capabilities in HubSpot’s powerful suite, giving you one tool that can shape user journeys across all of your channels. In partnership with HubSpot, we help grow your reach and shape the future of giving.

A paper airplane lands directly in the bullseye of a target.

Inspire action with the right message, at the right time.

Activate your audience with messaging that they actually care about—no matter where they are in their user journey. We leverage advanced audience segmentation and HubSpot’s dynamic content functionality to tailor your supporters’ experience across multiple key touchpoints.

A paper airplane lands directly in the bullseye of a target.
A web browser window floats behind the peak of a mountain, to which it is comparable in size.

Websites that grow with you.

We’re experts at building HubSpot websites that enable your organization to benefit from all the marketing opportunities at your fingertips. Detailed analytics, marketing journeys, dynamic content strategies, and more—we can help you build a website that drives your revenue goals.

Innovating for your mission is in our DNA.

Nonprofit and social impact causes have specialized marketing needs, and we’re hard at work to make sure you have the tools you need to tackle them. With our industry knowledge and innovative approach, we collaborate with HubSpot’s team to build features that help your cause flourish.

  • Optimized multi-channel journeys for better relationships with customers and donors
  • Cross-platform integration between Salesforce and HubSpot
  • HubSpot integrated platform with Fundraise Up’s AI technology
  • Improved revenue attribution for nonprofits and startups using Google Analytics and HubSpot
CauseMic has been such an amazing thought partner and contributor to the HubSpot for Nonprofits team and ecosystem. They deeply understand nonprofit needs and are creative and flexible in crafting the best solutions and strategies for each organization they serve.
Julia, HubSpot Director of Nonprofits

Tested. Proven. Impact.

Review our case studies of HubSpot implementations and website builds that we’ve launched for a few friends along the way.

Greater Good - small
A Greater Good volunteer ties a bandana around a dog's neck.

We helped Greater Good Charities migrate to HubSpot marketing suite and consolidate their marketing needs in one place.

CRCTV - small
CRCTV - small

Nonprofit technology unlocked critical efficiency for the Community Resource Center of Teton Valley, while multichannel storytelling inspired a 235% increase in annual revenue.