Grow Your Nonprofit with HubSpot Marketing Hub

Let CauseMic’s implementation amplify your organization’s impact, engage more supporters, and boost donations!

We customize HubSpot Marketing Hub to fit your nonprofit’s requirements.

When we’re done, you’ll have a simple-to-use system that automates your marketing tasks and sets you up for growth.

Workflows for unique donor journeys

Triggered by specific user behavior, you can send automated, personalized messaging across multiple channels–timed the way you want it. Forget slow, manual processes that rely on limited staff and time.

Audience-led content 

For greater engagement, we can set up HubSpot to segment your supporters according to their interests. No more communications that recipients may consider impersonal or irrelevant. 

Knowledge is power

You’ll have access to detailed analytics and reporting on the performance of your marketing campaigns and outreach efforts. Guessing what is and what isn’t working is a thing of the past.

Centralize to optimize 

We can integrate systems like Salesforce, a variety of donation and CMS platforms, and more. Eliminate frustration with systems that aren’t currently talking to each other. 

“When our client load increased by 400% seemingly overnight, we consulted with CauseMic to find a solution. We could not be more pleased with the communications throughout the process, their overall professionalism, and of course, the results.”

Portrait of Betsy Hawkins

Betsy Hawkins
Former Executive Director, Community Resource Center of Teton Valley 

CauseMic’s HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation can readily enhance your fundraising efforts.

Benefit from a ready-to-use, customized instance to cultivate and steward supporters. HubSpot’s marketing automation platform lets you create, manage, and optimize your marketing campaigns across all channels including email, social media, and text. We’ll prep you in other ways to hit the marketing ground running.

Bring them in and keep ‘em engaged 

We’ll create templates with generalized formats for future emails and landing pages, with enough detail to be unique to your organization and mission. They’re excellent customizable starting points for your marketing team.

Making it easy to give

We’ll integrate a donation platform with your HubSpot Marketing Hub. We highly recommend Fundraise Up, the first online fundraising platform to natively integrate with HubSpot and auto-sync donation data in real-time.

Automated email series

We will help define your audiences and develop email templates to be deployed in an automated workflow in order to continue engaging them in your mission. An example would be a new donor welcome series.  

Know where your donors are at in their journey

With our revenue attribution template (and optional marketing dashboard), you can attribute donations to specific marketing campaigns, channels, or touchpoints, and understand which efforts are driving the most revenue. 

Take full control of your operation

After we’ve implemented HubSpot Marketing Hub, you’ll find it’s easy to use, even for non-technical team members. However, no one is born with HubSpot knowledge, so we train your team how to maximize the platform!

Designed to suit your needs

Would you like to use (a) HubSpot’s powerful built-in CRM or (b) your existing CRM? Whichever you choose, you can count on us to configure it for optimal HubSpot Marketing Hub performance.

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CauseMic is a HubSpot Certified Solutions Partner

With a proven track record of helping nonprofits grow, we can help you implement HubSpot Marketing Hub, train your team, and provide ongoing support so you can leverage the platform to its full potential.

Speak with a nonprofit consultant.

Abby is eager to answer your questions and—when you’re ready—to get your implementation rolling.

Portrait of your Growth Consultant, Abby Caschetta

Abby Caschetta

I help create measurable and lasting impact for nonprofits. I've worked for and with nonprofit organizations of all sizes to amplify their mission through strategic fundraising. I look forward to assisting you!