Digital Transformation for Nonprofits


Undergoing a digital transformation leads to rapid growth

But it’s not just about implementing new technologies.

It’s a Big Picture Mindset Shift that empowers you to think differently, work differently, and integrate all of your tools so that they’re actually working for you. The “digitization of everything” is here to stay, and we’re helping nonprofits make the shift.

A digital transformation helps your nonprofit:

  • Scale programing and revenue
  • Drive greater, more personalized engagement
  • Deliver a bigger impact on your mission
  • Make your job and the jobs of staff easier

We support our clients through the mindset shift--gaining a new comfort level with innovating, iterating, testing, and improving--and we implement these transformations.


How Greater Good Charities Went Digital

Hey, I’m Noah Horton, the Chief Marketing Officer at Greater Good Charities, a nonprofit that protects people, pets, and our planet. 

I’m here to share how our organization embarked on a digital transformation journey that set us up for rapid growth.

nonprofit digital transformation


How it Started

I knew years ago that Greater Good Charities needed to make an investment in better nonprofit CRM technology.

We kept asking, “What’s working? What’s not?”  

But we were guessing because our different systems left us in the dark when we tried to make data-informed decisions about our marketing and fundraising strategies.

That really hurt our revenue by limiting our ability to reach new donors.

We also had this problem that many nonprofits experience: As our programs expanded, we struggled to communicate how they were unified under one core brand and mission.

They were siloed, and it wasn’t doing us any favors in our marketing to prospective donors.

Time and capacity constraints left us between a rock and a hard place about how to resolve these problems.


Then? A Nonprofit CRM Implementation Fail

We hired an implementation partner (who I won’t name) that over promised--big time

They were supposed to install a nonprofit CRM and integrated marketing suite, but what we got was separate pieces that didn’t integrate. That was more than frustrating. 

So I called CauseMic.


The Change We Needed

After the implementation failed, I needed help to bridge and reconfigure our systems, or implement an entirely new tech solution that would meet our requirements. 

But, spurred by the pandemic, a more pressing matter jumped to the front of the line. 

Practically overnight in March 2020, COVID-19 lockdowns threatened thousands of shelter animals’ lives as workers were required to stay home. Protecting animals is a core pillar of our mission, so we leapt into action. 

This is where the story gets interesting.


First, a Sprint

In one, 4-day design sprint, CauseMic’s team stood up a nonprofit CRM for our new  program called “Stay Home and Foster."

They implemented a Salesforce CRM with Form Assembly to help us match pet-foster volunteers with shelters in any given 50-mile radius across the country. 

Using Visual Force pages (i.e., smart web pages), we now had the ability to use our internal Salesforce database to pull and display a list of potential volunteers “in range” of a shelter, and likewise, a list of shelters close to nearby volunteers. 

Once we had the technical tools in place to facilitate the largest emergency foster care program in our history, we partnered with CauseMic to run paid ads to generate donor leads. Our new integrated landing page for ads included: 

  • a compelling story to share our impact, 
  • an optimized and embedded intake form for a great user experience, and
  • a clear call to action to engage enthusiastic supporters. 

But we didn’t stop there. CauseMic built social media kits with approved messaging and images that our shelter partners could use to 1.) promote our Stay Home and Foster program, and 2.) recruit volunteers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Finally, we launched a strategic email campaign to drive traffic to the program’s landing page. 

The results were outstanding: We recruited 96,000 pet foster volunteers that matched with upwards of 4,800 shelters nationwide. 

Together, with CauseMic’s support, we saved thousands and thousands of animals from needless euthanasia.

Seeing and Believing

I was eager to make a greater investment in our digital transformation--especially after seeing the power of a truly integrated nonprofit CRM system and the efficiency of a 4-day design sprint.

So a couple months later, when we wanted to execute two digital media contests with photo and video entries from around the world for our program, Girls’ Voices, we looked into what system we could use . 

CauseMic suggested the platform Gather Voices, which allowed us to streamline contest submissions. 

Thanks to robust tracking and an integrated marketing suite, we were able to observe traffic trends and course correct accordingly to drive higher engagement. For example, we saw high participation at launch and then the traffic waned, and I wanted to know why. So we tracked who landed on the page and then left. We were able to spot where the barrier to entry was: Our submission form was turning people away. I was thrilled that we could get granular, real-time feedback like this! We made changes to the form to be more user-friendly, and this immediately improved our traffic.


Brick by Brick

With every complex challenge we solved with our new digital tools, I felt reassured that we were on the right track. I was ready to consider a complete overhaul of our systems. 

I asked CauseMic to perform a tech assessment to see how we could enact an integrated marketing strategy and what tools would help us. For our specific organization, that was HubSpot CMS and Marketing with integration into Salesforce that would enable flexibility and all the benefits of a best-in-class nonprofit CRM. Our tech suite is set to harness the power of multichannel-enabling data strategies. Pretty exciting.

How It's Going!

“Success is not Final” is one of CauseMic's philosophies, and we have really started to absorb this mindset ourselves.

Innovating | Iterating | Testing | Improving

These are new ethos that this transformational journey has taught our team at Greater Good Charities. This refreshed mindset means that after we implement new tools, we continue to iterate and fine tune our “digital toolbox.” 

We are now working with CauseMic to overhaul all of our website content to meet SEO best practices, as well as better communicate how all of our programs fit under one core brand: Greater Good Charities.

Your Nonprofit CRM Technology Stack Partner

If there’s anything I want you to take away from our story it’s this: A digital transformation is a slow(ish) but rewarding process. 

For us, it has been a great peace of mind to have CauseMic as a long-term partner. By starting with an urgent need and then gradually building our partnership to focus on the area that will give us the next best ROI, we’ve made stunning progress and gained a ton of efficiencies. 

Efficient workflows are the secret sauce to achieving your goals faster!

But here’s the thing: We wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today if Greater Good Charities hadn’t been willing to be an early adopter and try something brand new.

At the same time, none of this would have been possible without the right support.

Most traditional implementation partners aren’t nonprofit experts with “boots-on-the-ground” experience like the CauseMic team.

In order to trust this journey, I learned:

  1. I needed a partner that understood my organization and the nuances of using digital tools in the nonprofit world.
  2. I needed someone who just “got it” and had already walked a mile in my shoes.

If you’re considering what next steps to take to grow your nonprofit, consider having a conversation with CauseMic to explore what it would take to reach your full potential.

It has been well worth the journey for Greater Good Charities, and I am certain it will be for you, too.


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