Has your nonprofit's funding plateaued, leaving future programming at risk? 

Diversified, scalable revenue is the only way for your nonprofit to expand its impact.

Relying on a few key funders or events will lead to incremental growth at best. If you find yourself in this position, revenue is bound to plateau or even decline, at worst. 

Before you leave any donor dollars on the table, schedule a complimentary Scale Session with CauseMic and we'll take time to learn about your current state and prioritize how you get quickly started on growing your nonprofit's revenue stream. 

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We have loved our time working with CauseMic. They have been a true partner and thought leader. They have helped us reenergize our campaigns. We brought CauseMic in to help recreate our communication strategy, resulting in nearly doubling our revenue from the year prior.
Page Sacks
Former Communications Director at Walk With Sally
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What You'll Gain

During your complementary Scale Session we will share our proven framework for rapidly scaling revenue and show you how to apply it at your nonprofit.  

Learn about the three key factors required to build a high-performance fundraising team that leverages technology to rapidly scale revenue. 

Prioritize high-impact opportunities and operationalize a strategy that allows your team to solve complex challenges in less time for less money.

Personalization at scale is revenue-generating. Learn what it takes to acquire, upgrade, and retain donors through a scaleable fundraising program.

We partnered with CauseMic to help us develop our marketing strategy and online presence...and the results of our partnership have been tremendous for our organization. We've grown by leaps and bounds and are just so grateful for their continued partnership.
Marisa Stam
Executive Director - Selamta Family Project

Are these questions you've been asking yourself lately?

  • How do reach each supporter on their preferred platform, with their preferred message, at their preferred time? 

  • Which technology platform is right for our organization that will enable our growth today and in the next 5 - 10 years?

  • How can we establish and standardize the key performance metrics across our organization to make us more data-driven and effective? 
  • How can we remove the silos built up between marketing and development to help us reach our full potential? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you're in the right place. 

  • At CauseMic, we've built and led high-performance teams from within fast-growing nonprofit organizations. 

  • We’ve designed a proven system to attract, convert, and retain supporters in a resource constrained environment. 

  • We’ve configured technology systems that scale highly personalized engagement, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. 

CauseMic Empowers Nonprofit Leaders to Rapidly Scale Revenue 

What’s the key to unlocking exponential growth? People. Process. Technology. Discover CauseMic's step-by-step system to quickly scale your organization's revenue and impact while building a loyal tribe of donors.

Watch this video to hear from a few of our nonprofit partners on what it's like to have CauseMic on your team. 

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