Upleveling Fundraisers for Cancer Survivors

Upleveling Fundraisers for Cancer Survivors


Increase in Revenue

Project Koru partnered with CauseMic to reimagine the structure of their annual P2P fundraising event, Kiteboard 4 Cancer, which provides funding for their camps and programs for young adult cancer survivors. Together, we improved the experience and training for their fundraisers, and helped redesign and rebrand the event, leading to growth year-over-year.

At a Glance

Project Koru, a nonprofit that empowers young adult survivors of cancer through the outdoors, contacted CauseMic because their annual peer-to-peer fundraising event’s revenue had plateaued and they weren’t sure why.

CauseMic helped Project Koru by making it easier — and more fun — for their fundraisers to reach their goals and participate in their annual event, Kiteboard 4 Cancer. We also rebranded the event to demonstrate direct impact through storytelling and visual design on their website.

With a refreshed digital brand, market research to inform a strategic communication plan, and fundraiser coaching, we drove a 55.9% increase in event revenue year-over-year for Project Koru.



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The Challenge

Prior to engaging CauseMic to revamp their online fundraising capacity, Project Koru used entrance fees to their annual fundraising event, Kiteboard 4 Cancer, to fund their flagship program: a week-long adventure therapy camp for survivors. Although Project Koru hosted the largest kiteboarding event in North America each year, and interest was high, their revenue raised by fundraiser participants started to plateau. Meanwhile, the demand for their programs and services continued to increase. They needed to figure out how to coach fundraisers to raise more money to help them scale and serve the rise in survivors seeking support.


The Solution

CauseMic helped Project Koru by making it easier — and more fun —for their peer-to-peer fundraisers to not only reach but exceed their individual target (which we increased to $1,500) and participate in Kiteboard 4 Cancer.

The largest gap we identified is that Project Koru lacked personalized engagement and empowering, instructional content for their fundraiser event participants. But not for long! CauseMic conducted research on their target audience to develop fundraising archetypes that informed a multi-channel communications strategy.

Then we built out a coaching series to give fundraisers the support and inspiration to go the extra mile. We compiled informative fundraising toolkits, sent weekly email tips and resources, reduced technical friction by optimizing the platform for donors to make a gift online, and delivered a multi-channel content campaign that centered top fundraisers as heroes and included powerful stories of impact from survivors.

CauseMic also redesigned Project Koru’s Kiteboard 4 Cancer event theme, website, brand, and messaging for greater effectivity.

The Results

The upleveled experience for fundraisers paid off. We saw a 59.9% increase in Project Koru’s revenue year-over-year. Perhaps more importantly, we helped convert event participants to mission-driven fundraisers who were committed to getting all of the waitlist survivors who needed funding access to Camp Koru. We are proud to have supported Kiteboard 4 Cancer for six consecutive years.

Additionally, we have implemented and integrated technical infrastructure to help Project Koru steward donors year-round and acquire new supporters. Those systems included Salesforce NSPS, Classy, and MailChimp, which have given Project Koru the capability to deliver multi-channel, segmented engagement campaigns and stand up a monthly donor program that has resulted in predictable revenue growth.


Fundraising revenue


Increase in average donation size


Increase in P2P fundraising

“With just one full time employee (myself) and an intern, I could not have imagined securing a 55.9% increase in revenue year-over-year. But that’s what we did with the support of the powerhouse team at CauseMic."

Tonia Farman
Cofounder, Project Koru