Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Cancer Support

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Special Mentorships


Increase in Event Revenue

When an annual peer-to-peer fundraising event wasn’t maintaining its ROI for Walk With Sally, CauseMic stepped in to help coach and inspire mission-driven fundraisers to go all-in and exceed their goals, leading to a significant increase in revenue and a new group of monthly supporters to fund mentorships for children affected by cancer.

At a Glance

Like many of our clients, Walk With Sally relies on an annual event for the bulk of their funding as well as to serve as the entrance point for nurturing repeat donors to invest throughout the year in their programs. The California-based nonprofit provides free mentoring and community support for children experiencing trauma through a parent, guardian, or sibling's cancer journey.

When Walk With Sally sought CauseMic’s expertise, they were frustrated by a less-than-optimal ROI on their annual fundraising event and a lagging donor conversion rate. We were excited to help them exceed their fundraising goals with a peer-to-peer fundraising strategy tune-up.

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The Challenge

There was a disconnect between the event’s name, Bowlathon, and the nonprofit’s mission. This meant attendees were donating to join a fantastic event, but they weren’t taking it a step further to invest in Walk With Sally’s programs and mission after the event, or implore their peers to do so.

Meanwhile, during the event, easy-to-earn prizes didn’t challenge and reward attendees enough to inspire them to go all in with their fundraising. Plus, unclear fundraising goals made the target harder to land. After the event, Walk With Sally was also missing out on an opportunity to engage donors and convert supporters following their initial introduction to the organization.

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The Solution

CauseMic began by rebranding the event to The Friendship Bowl and setting an ambitious goal to fund a specific number of mentoring friendships. With the event’s new name, we were able to directly link the event with the impact of Walk With Sally’s mission.

We knew that peer-to-peer fundraisers needed to feel supported and inspired in order to put some skin in the game. So we partnered with Walk With Sally to launch a multi-channel peer-to-peer fundraising coaching campaign that showcased the transformative power of Walk With Sally’s Friendships and included content the fundraisers could share on their social channels. To keep fundraisers motivated, we positioned them as the heroes with direct positive impact in people’s lives throughout the event’s marketing. We then used strategic incentives such as matching challenges to surprise and delight fundraisers.

But we didn’t stop there; we built a new donor welcome series to send after the event that helped convert event fundraisers into repeat donors throughout the year.

The Results

Using strategic incentives like fundraising matches and providing ample resources to help peer-to-peer fundraisers succeed, we doubled Walk With Sally’s revenue and fundraising amount from the year prior. Our new donor welcome series helped convert event fundraisers to repeat donors throughout the year.

We continue to partner with Walk With Sally to this day. When COVID-19 hit, we helped them pivot their event from in-person to online and equipped them to procure 65% of their fundraising virtually.


Increase in event revenue


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“This new revenue stream bolstered our programs and elevated our mindset to aim higher in all areas of our organization. We are extremely proud of our partnership with CauseMic, and I highly recommend working with them if you want to take your ROI to the next level.”

Page Sacks
Director of Communications and Special Events, Walk With Sally