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Now Available: Year-End Fundraising Resources

Are you responsible for growing your nonprofit's year-end fundraising campaign? Do you have the time and dedication to learn our proven methodology for scaling revenue through a time-based fundraising campaign?

Gain access to our Resource Hub, featuring online curriculum, guides, and templates that will empower you to surpass your year-end fundraising goal.

Online Course

Through 9 lessons and more than 90 minutes of curriculum, learn how to maximize your year-end fundraising campaign. 

Downloadable Guides

Gain access to the communications calendar template, audience segmentation guide, how to A/B test, and more. 


Gain insights from our in-depth reports featuring 150+ nonprofits. Learn how to optimize your email strategy and donation page.


Evaluate your tech stack, plan your multi-channel fundraising campaign, and set base and stretch fundraising goals for year-end 2020. 


Discounted Access


Gain access to our year-end fundraising online curriculum featuring step-by-step guidance on how to maximize your online fundraising potential. This includes downloadable guides, templates, and nine video lessons on how to optimize your year-end campaign. 



Looking for one-on-one strategic support on how to scale revenue for year-end and beyond?