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Leadership Summits

For over a decade, Bobbi and Matt have been helping leaders of mission driven organizations quickly grow their revenue and drive impact. As keynote speakers, their approach has been shared with attendees at leading conferences like Dreamforce, Signal, and Collaborative.

Conferences, podcasts, and leadership summits that Matt and Bobbi have spoken at

Bobbi and Matt support and engage your audience in three ways.

Valuable and engaging talks that inspire growth through first hand stories of triumphs and failures from scaling mission driven organizations.

Tangible takeaways with a free copy of their book on how to quickly grow a high impact organization.

Increased brand awareness through high quality content that promotes your conference or company.


Don’t just take our word for it…

A photo of Scot Chisholm

“Hands-down some of the smartest people in the social sector. When given the opportunity to speak, Matt and Bobbi convey their approach with clarity and humor, leaving audiences energized and full of new ideas.”

Scot Chisholm
Founder, Classy

A photo of Margo Mayes

“Matt is a dynamic and engaging speaker. His passion and humor are front and center, making every presentation memorable, insightful, and fun.”

Margo Mayes
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Salesforce

A photo of Adrienne Karecki

“When Bobbi and Matt facilitated our global leadership summit in Kenya, it allowed our executive team to be fully present and trust in the process. They managed all of the details and asked the tough but encouraging questions in the room. They invited our leaders to bring honesty and clarity to every conversation so we could move forward together.”

Adrienne Karecki
Global Executive Director, World Bicycle Relief

Speaking Topics

Matt speaking at Signal

Customized for your audience

The goal of your conference, podcast, or leadership summit is unique. That’s what makes it stand out. We want to help meet your goals by delivering content that is memorable and valuable above all else. We will customize what we share from our experience building and growing multiple mission driven organizations. 

The Power of Culture: How Team Rubicon Scaled from $250K to $40M in Seven Years

What do all fast growing organizations have in common? A clearly defined culture. Drawing from experience, they will share how Team Rubicon built a culture of growth to disrupt an industry and how they have made it CauseMic’s purpose to help other mission driven organizations do the same.  

30 - 50 minutes | Perfect for: Nonprofit executives and social entrepreneurs  

Matt speaking at Classy Collaborative
Bobbi leading a Rapid Growth Workshop

Rapid Growth Workshop: How to Build an Actionable Strategic Plan in Four Days

Traditional strategic planning relies on unstructured meetings to define who’s doing what, when, and why. It places more value on documentation than action. The Rapid Growth Workshop is a facilitated process that leverages structured exercises to get everyone focused on high-impact, low-cost actions that drive growth.  

Four half-day workshops | Senior executives at mission driven organizations  


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CauseMic’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Is diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority for your programming? We think it ought to be. At CauseMic, we’re committed to taking action to build a more just and equitable society. You can learn more about our approach in our blog and on our Who We Are page.

CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion

Thought Partners for the Best

We help leaders from some of the most successful nonprofits turn their vision into actionable steps that lead to quick growth.

Clients CauseMic has worked with

Meet Your Speakers

Founded in 2013, CauseMic is a growth consultancy that helps nonprofits and mission-driven organizations quickly grow revenue and impact. 

Matt and Bobbi of CauseMic help leadership teams design a winning, action-oriented strategy that enables organizations to grow quickly and sustainably.

They’re trained facilitators who help groups align on their business purpose, critical challenges, and generate coordinated actions to overcome them.

A photo of Matt Scott

Matt Scott

(he/him) ENTJ

Matt is a visionary and strategist who knows how to help leaders identify what’s next.

Matt’s Top Strengths:

  1. Activator
  2. Learner
  3. Achiever
  4. Individualization
  5. Communication
A photo of Bobbi Snethen

Bobbi Snethen

(she/her) INFP

Bobbi is an adaptable operator who knows how to bring great ideas to life.

Bobbi’s Top Strengths:

  1. Harmony
  2. Context
  3. Discipline
  4. Consistency
  5. Individualization

How to book us to speak

Over the past decade we’ve presented hundreds of times, be it to rooms of a few or to halls of many. We’ve learned that the most successful presentations come from understanding your goals and working towards those. It starts with a conversation to make sure we’re aligned. Book a call with Matt today to determine if Matt, Bobbi, or the two of them together is the best fit for your audience.