Are you at risk of investing in the wrong technology to scale your nonprofit? 

Selecting the right nonprofit CRM, email service provider, or fundraising platform is critical to your success. 

Implementing the wrong technology can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of missed opportunities to expand your audience and engage donors. 

Before you make a costly mistake, schedule a complimentary tech stack consultation with CauseMic and we'll help you identify the right platforms for your nonprofit's goals and size.

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CauseMic gets under the hood to understand all of the nuances of a nonprofit. They understand the players, get to know the mission, identify what levers of power there are, what constraints there are with regards to people, process, or budget. They think strategically and thoughtfully about what the right size solutions are for the organization.
Jake Wood
CEO - Team Rubicon
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What You'll Gain

In just one call, CauseMic will help nonprofit leaders gain perspective around technology solutions that will help them grow and thrive. You can expect to cover the following: 

Gain an understanding of the process to selecting the right technology solutions for your nonprofit, along with the common mistakes you can avoid. 

Learn the hidden cost of implementing technology solutions and what critical steps you can take to minimize risk and increase return on investment.

Prioritize high-impact opportunities and operationalize a tech strategy that allows your team to solve complex challenges without wasting time or money.

We started working with CauseMic in year two and we've gone from serving one school to 33, and we saw ourselves growing a tremendous amount. The work they did [with Salesforce] helped us get to over 600 schools and that's in large part due to the help we got from CauseMic.
Jeff Bryan
Executive Director - Positivity Project

Are these questions you've been asking yourself lately?

  • Which technology platform is right for our organization that will enable our growth today and in the next 5 - 10 years?

  • When is the right time to invest in technology and what kind of ROI can we expect? 
  • How do we go about documenting system requirements? 

  • What hidden cost are there to implementing a nonprofit CRM or fundraising suite? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you're in the right place. 

  • We've cleaned up mistakes made by selecting the wrong technology solutions. 

  • We’ve reduced the risk of stagnation by driving user adoption. 

  • We’ve eliminated lost revenue by configuring technology systems that scale personalized engagement. 

CauseMic Empowers Nonprofit Leaders to Rapidly Scale Revenue 

What’s the key to unlocking exponential growth? People. Process. Technology. Discover CauseMic's step-by-step system to implementing the right technology to quickly scale your organization's revenue and impact.

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