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3 For-Profit Methods Nonprofits Can Use to Convert Leads and Upgrade Donors

Learn how you can nurture donors with an organized, data-driven approach. 

Most nonprofits yearn to be data-driven, but constituent data is often spread across multiple systems with no clearly defined plan for engagement.

We’ll unveil proven for-profit methods adapted to elevate your nonprofit strategy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage a single platform for end-to-end donor engagement
  • How to activate a lead-nurturing flywheel to convert more donors while saving you precious time
  • How to enhance data literacy and reporting across marketing and fundraising 

Q&A with our host for answers to your most important questions.

Matt Scott

Matt Scott

CauseMic, Co-Founder and CEO

Matt is author of The High-Growth Nonprofit and an experienced fundraiser who helped Team Rubicon scale from $275K to $51M in annual revenue.

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